April, 10 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Uncovering the truth of fraudster Tony Abi Saab’s illicit arms trade business

Tony Abi Saab is supporting rebel organizations with his illicit arms trade business in war-prone regions

Terrorism is the systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population. Terror groups spend millions on arms trade just to inflict violence in the world. The weapons market is being dominated by illegal arms dealers these days. One such name in the black market arms dealer list is Tony Abi Saab.

Tony Abi Saab is an owner of Brescia Middle East, arms dealing company who did a fraud of 5 million USD on contracts in Afghanistan. He set up ghost companies (like K5 Global and Bennet Fouch) along with his partner in crime Raymond Azar for the illegal sale of weapons and money laundering. The two companies got banned in the US for doing business.

In a sting operation carried out by the US Army, CIA, and FBI in 2011, Tony Abi Saab was arrested but escaped heavy jail-term where he stood a US trial in the civil court instead of a military court. He is now roaming freely to do his illicit business and has become stronger than ever.

Tony's covetous conduct is disturbing the peace and security of the world. It's high time to have strict rules for war criminals to punish the offenders and put them behind bars.

Chief Editor