April, 05 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Lebanese national setting roots in foreign countries with his shell companies

Tony Abi Saab is spreading chaos in vulnerable regions for his profit through his shell companies

Tony Abi Saab is the owner of SIMAINT and Brescia Middle East (BME). He supplies weapons to terror groups in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan. He is able to freely travel in Europe because of his powerful contacts in the legal system.

Tony defrauded 5 million USD of the US Army by supplying weapons to terrorist groups in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Although he was caught through a sting operation orchestrated by the US Army against him, he got free due to a technicality in the circuit court.

Talking about his shell companies, which are located in Italy: ARMERIA AMELIO GAMBA Srl, INTESA SANPAOLO S.P.A., Benelli Armi, franchi division, Fiocchi munizione, Armeria brignoli silvio & c snc , BLS — Germany: Umarex gmbh & co KG — France: Noble france sa — Turkey: Osmanli Arms, ISTANBUL and KONYA, KOMANDO AV SAN TIC LTD, ATA Av tufekleri — Bangladesh: Emran arms, — East Europe and Russia: Kula Ltd., Tiblisi - Georgia, LOBASTOV IVAN, Baikal Ltd, Izhevsk city, Russia, Arsenal, Bulgaria, MSN and CSG Group, Czech Republic, Berkut Ltd, Ukraine — Brasil: Condor, get their share of profits through money wiring.

Question is how he is able to set up his shell companies in EU despite being banned in the US? Well, EU does not sync the database with civil convicted criminals in the US.

It should be important for EU to know that he’s a threat to millions of lives by doing illegal business. Hence, EU should change there meta data of civil cases of the US and include such people in NO-VISA policy for stopping them to commit any further crime in the world.

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